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An advertising directory for Bleach games
Ask yourself:
  • got an RP to advertise that has to do with Bleach? Post it here!

  • got an itch to RP something Bleach? Here's your directory!

Very simply, this is a community for fans of BLEACH (by Kubo Taito) to advertise and check out the LJ RPs that are out there instead of posting them to the main communities. I don't think proper etiquette needs to be spelled out in an pimp comm, of all things, but I will just in case:

Standard stuff applies. No flames, no outright dissing, no being rude... you're here to post your RP, and people are here to check out said RPs. Natch? Natch!

To advertise in the monthly soul_society ad, comment on the latest entry with this tag.

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