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Las Noches High - High school rivalry will never be the same

One school, three clubs, an unparalleled rivalry.

Las Noches High is the pride of its city, the private school where there exist three clubs which effectively put it on the map. The Espada are the national fencing champions, the Numeros are unbeaten in every mathematics competition entered, and the Privaron are regarded as the greatest fighters any high school level tournament could find.

It is the pride of their achievements that is their fall: The three clubs each consider themselves the elite and seek to prove it to the others in an unending rivalry that holds roots deep within the school and the city which supports it.

School pride is taken to a whole new level and the rivalry compounds with every passing day, the students determined to make their club the singular pride of Las Noches High.

Welcome to Las Noches High (lasnocheshigh), an Arrancar & Hollow (Bleach) AU log-based role-play organised on livejournal.

         Learn about the city and school of Las Noches.

Cast List
         Check out the taken and available cast list.

Application Process & Form
         Join the game in three simple steps! ♥

         Review the way that LNH operates.

         Read the rules & guidelines of this game.

         Take a gander at our completed logs, organised by date.

         The game's informal OOC community!

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